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Cabinet Distributors

Provenance Kitchen Design has updated the product line offerings and is in the process of remodeling the showroom to include these additional products.

Sole Design Cabinetry

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Offers the following high-end design features as a standard option on all cabinetry including::


  • All plywood box construction

  • Solid, 5/8" wood dovetail drawer boxes,

  • 3/4" adjustable plywood shelves

  • Soft close hinges

  • Blumotion drawer guides

Kabinart Cabinetry

Kabinart offers premium construction features that are standard on every cabinet we manufacture.




When you buy kitchen, bath or other cabinetry, you can be assured that you are
purchasing products constructed to the highest standards built for a lifetime of use.

 LeVant Cabinet

Fine Custom Cabinetry, in the Heart of Amish Country
Located in the heart of Amish Furniture Country 2.5 miles north of Millersburg, Ohio, Levant Kitchen Furniture by Mullet Cabinet is leading the way in custom cabinetry. Since 1975, we have been creating handcrafted custom cabinetry and providing exceptional customer service, and we are carrying on that tradition today..


High-Quality Modern Cabinetry Products for a Dream Kitchen or Bathroom

Our cabinets and cabinet doors give you what you need in a kitchen or bathroom without costly customizations or long lead times.

You can order from four different box styles. The base pricing for the Signature and Classic Series is the same, as is pricing for the Pro-Series and Prism Box.

Built with pride and care by Carolina artisans, our modern cabinetry products feature everything you need to make a client’s dream kitchen or bathroom come true. Find inspiration for your next project and then contact us to learn more.


North Point Cabinetry

NorthPoint Cabinetry offers a selection of on-trend cabinetry with the most popular styles to choose from. Every NorthPoint Cabinetry component goes through a three-stage (UV) curing process, the doors are five-piece construction, and the only tools required for assembly are a screwdriver and a rubber mallet. All styles reflect current kitchen design trends with enough variation to fit the homeowner’s unique personality. Quality materials and construction paired with simple and quick assembly make NorthPoint Cabinetry the standout choice for RTA cabinetry. Their 30-year history of manufacturing, reputation for high inventory levels, and on-time shipment mean you can rely on receiving quality product with quality service.

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